Life in the Spirit: New Character – 7/24/2016

Sermon based on Galatians 5:16-25

What would it look like to trust the Spirit to create growth in your life?  Because the Spirit knows how to grow the character of Christ in you.  Character is an interesting thing, because most people define character as what we do, but we all know that it goes a lot deeper than that.  Character is not just what you do, but who you are.  The Spirit knows how to grow spiritual character in you, and so He changes what you do by changing who you are.

Life in the Spirit: Nothing to Fear – 7/17/2016

Sermon based on Romans 8:31-39

We live in a world where terror is coming closer and closer to home.  People are willing to kill you for your beliefs in a concert hall, in your place of employment or strolling down the boardwalk in Nice.  Interestingly, our world is no longer so different from the world in which Paul lived, who was terrorized for his religious beliefs, and yet, he has a different perspective.  As Christians, we can have freedom from fear, and Paul gives us three rock solid reasons for this confidence.

Life in the Spirit: Wholeness – 7/10/2016

Sermon based on Romans 8:27-30

A puzzle is a metaphor for life.  Underneath it all, you have a belief that wholeness is possible.  That is the beauty of a puzzle.  You believe that there is a coherent picture behind the chaos and that there is a designer who is causing the pieces to fit together.  The struggle of putting the pieces together is going to challenge that belief, but the Spirit might actually be holding back a piece to that puzzle so that you will learn something.  What is it?  God is the One who brings wholeness out of struggle.

Life in the Spirit: Groaning for Heaven – 7/03/2016

Sermon based on Romans 8:18-27

My five-year-old daughter asked me a good question the other day.  Why do we have to die in order to go to heaven?  Surely God could take us to heaven without having to go through all the pain and suffering that is involved.  Why are we allowed to suffer or struggle in this world?  Suffering is the place where we learn about hope.