Life in the Spirit: Marks of Maturity – 8/28/2016

Sermon based on Colossians 3:1-3, 12-17

How do you become more loving, joyful, peaceful, and so on, and how exactly do you measure that kind of thing?  That is a little difficult.  The problem is that we are really good at being nice.  We are really good at being polite, and we tend to judge someone’s character on how nice they are.  Just because you’re nice or polite, it doesn’t mean that you’re growing in spiritual character.  Are there actually marks of spiritual maturity that are concrete and measurable?  According to this passage, spiritual character is revealed by three concrete choices that you make in your life.

Life in the Spirit: Spiritual Community – 8/21/2016

Sermon based on Ephesians 4:7-16

I don’t think that you can mature in spiritual character outside of spiritual community.  I don’t think that you can achieve your full potential without others who are coming alongside you, encouraging you, holding you accountable, speaking truth to you, reminding you of your goals, and sometimes, just picking you up and carrying you across that line when you can’t run anymore.  I believe that something extraordinary is possible in a community of grace that is deeply purposeful, deeply invested and deeply connected.  But it is going to require a deeper understanding and practice of spiritual community than we have ever known.

Life in the Spirit: Walking Worthy – 8/14/2016

Sermon based on Ephesians 4:1-6

Until someone rubs you the wrong way, you have no idea what your character is really like.  It is easy to be loving when everyone around you is friendly and agreeable.  It is easy to be patient when everyone is on top of their game.  It is easy to be gentle when your kids are attentive to correction.  You don’t grow in character unless you are engaged in relationships that challenge you.